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On a deep-sea exploration mission in the Triangle Bermuda, Joi & Jon find themselves stranded in the wreck of the USS Connecticut. Hoarse screams emanate from the bottom of the wrecked ship. Will you discover what lies at the bottom of theses mysterious seas ?

Controls & what to do

Use the laser transmission between the two robots to interact with the environment. Pipes with green light lead to the next level. Red light means it's currently blocked.

The game is only playable in coop with 2 controllers or as a 2 players 1 keyboard game (less fun).

For the 1-clock robot (Joi) : Left pad / WASD keys to move around | A button / E key to rigidify

For the 2-clocks robot (Jon) : Right pad / Arrow keys to move around | Y button / Enter key to rigidify

Original game made during the Global Game Jam 2018 GGJ18 GGJSXB by Team 11.

Thanks for playing !

Presskit : https://www.indiedb.com/games/joinbots/presskit
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/joinbots
Twitter : https://twitter.com/JoinBots
Discord : https://discord.gg/mSx5bCD
Contact : hello@joinbots.com


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JoinBots v1.4.2 Windows 111 MB

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So I endeavored to play this on my own and had a damn good time with it! For a jam title, this is fantastic! Absolutely loved the art style, the high contrast silhouettes on bright backgrounds, and the music! Some of the mechanics seemed a little finicky, like having to wrap up the bots to destroy them, but I think a lot of that could be attributed to trying to ply this by myself. Fantastic work!

Thanks ! The spider part is a little bit tricky,  we will probably adjust something like petrifying the spider when you touch her with the ridigified laser. The game was deliberately made ambiguous about the 1P-2P mode, but we designed the game to be finishable either alone or in coop. A second player makes it easier but it requires good communication between the two players :)

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The game's available for download ! Yay !